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What should I eat to prolong my life?

Till date, the only thing that can prolong life significantly is calorie restriction (to eat less). Decreasing the daily calories in diet by a small fraction results in prolongation of life. However, there's a fine line of distinction between calorie restriction and starvation. Skipping too many a meals results in starvation, which has many short term harmful effects.

Vitamin supplements (particularly vitamin E) were widely reputed to prolong life, but so far, scientific research has not been able to prove so.

So, if you wanna live long, eat only in moderation. Don't stuff your tummy! And a word of caution - don't starve yourself either!

However, there are many nutrients that can prevent disease, and thus indirectly prolong life, or at least improve the quality of life. These are:

Dark green, leafy vegetables such as spinach (give calcium, iron, folate and beta-carotene). The darker the vegetable, the higher its vitamin A content.
Sweet potatoes (give folate, beta-carotene, vitamins A and C, and fibre)
Blueberries and other dark berries (give vitamin C, iron and fibre)
Yogurt (gives calcium, protein and phosphorus)
Beans (contain iron and a high fibre form of protein)
Whole grains (higher in fibre than white bread, with more vitamins B and E, selenium and zinc)
Nuts (Recent studies indicate that eating nuts more than five times a week could bring down mortality rates in apparently healthy individuals by 25 to 40%)

Eat only in moderation, without stuffing your stomach. Don't go binge-eating. Take rich nutrients from your diet. Don't stress out yourself. Recreate. Think positive. That way, lead a long and yet healthy life!

{Someone asked when this site was still in making:
"Why should I prolong my life?"
Fair question, but it's beyond the scope of this website.}

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This page last updated on:
June 5, 2004