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Is walking as good as jogging?

Walking and jogging, both benefit us. Jogging does more so. Jogging is better than brisk walking too. Here's why:

  • Jogging increases the heart rate more than walking does. Hence it is very good for the cardiovascular system (the heart the blood vessels). In fact, physical activity such as jogging for at least 30 minutes per day is recommended for every adult most days a week.
  • Jogging involves expenditure of more calories than does walking. Imagine the energy spent in 10 minutes walk, and compare it with the energy spent in 10 minutes jogging.
  • Practically speaking, jogging gives considerable health benefits in less time. A 10 minute jog gives as much health benefits as does a 30 minute walk. People who have a busy lifestyle but are health-conscious, prefer to jog instead of walk.
  • Jogging increases the respiratory rate more than walking does. Hence it is very good for the respiratory system. Jogging most days of week, regularly, results in better lung aeration, improved immunity of the respiratory passage, lesser chances of pneumonia and bronchitis, and better oxygenation of the blood. What else one could ask for?

On the down side, jogging can be hazardous for heart patients and hypertensives (people who have high blood pressure). These people should take exercise only under medical supervision. Walking on a level surface is recommended to begin with, followed by graded increases in activity, duly supervised by a health practitioner.

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This page last updated on:
October 15, 2003