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Apple a day keeps the doctor away - Really?
Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

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If I quit cigarette, will my weight increase or decrease?

Can vitamin pills substitute food?

How do I resist the temptation of food?


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Welcome to the Nutrition and Public Health Pages!

These pages are an effort to bridge the gap between the comman man and good nutrition through providing state of the art information.

Burger and French Fries



All the progress man has made began essentially with the quest for food. Even today, the topmost priority of the world is food. While the underdeveloped world suffers from starvation, the developed world suffers from problems related to excess nutrition.

Man's quest for food

Consider this: A man weighing 70kgs decides to eat a small pack of a dozen biscuits everyday, in addition to his normal diet. At the end of one year, do you know how much weight he would have gained?

15 kilograms!

That's an increase of about 21% in his body weight! His chances of dying from a heart attack would have been doubled by the added weight!

Imagine even a small change in the nutritional intake over time can lead to drastic changes in the health status!

In these pages, you will find answers to common queries, gain extensive information about nutrition, and educate yourself in a better way.


The purple sidebar (on the right side of the page) will always be there, wherever you go in this site. You can use this purple sidebar to jump to major sections of NHP. An additional navigation text has been provided at the top and bottom of each page. That'll let you traverse within a section. For people who wish to learn everything about nutrition, page by page, there are arrow-buttons at the right side, top and bottom of every page. Clicking the next button from this page onwards will take you through this website to the end, page by page.

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Most computers bought after the year 1998 will run NHP completely fine. Still, if you have problems, feel free to contact me.

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September 16, 2004