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How do I know I'm losing weight?

There are many indicators when you lose weight.

Weighing scale: Climbing up the scale monthly can tell you how much you're losing (or gaining). Self-weighing should be done at least monthly.

Daily weighing can be detrimental to the motivation because there are daily fluctuations in weight, depending upon how much food and drink did you have just before weighing yourself etc. So, weighing once every fortnight or a month is adequate.

Waist size: People who are losing weight may need to tie a belt around their waist (while they didn't require it previously). Those who used to tie a waistbelt may require to tighten it further. Many people discover their waist size has changed when they go to buy new clothes for themselves.

Shirt size: Reducing the fat in the abdomen and around shoulders will make shirts look larger for their sizes. Furthermore, you may be able to try out more fashionable smaller shirts which you previously couldn't get into.

It shall sure feel nice to try your younger brother's funky shirt, or your own shirt which could fit you in your college days!

Compliments from others: Keeping up in shape definitely earns compliments! It surely doesn't hurt to listen to something like this: "Mary! You sure look great now!"
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This page last updated on:
May 25th, 2004