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Can substituting fruits for food help me in losing weight?

Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?


An apple a day, by itself, cannot keep the doctor away.

This old adage, it is presumed by nutritionists, must have been coined to signify the importance of fruits in diet. This way, people remember the importance of fruits in their diets.

It doesn't matter what fruit it is - apple, papaya, orange, whatever it is - the essential fact is that every fruit contains vitamins which are required for normal growth and maintenance of body, and fibers which prevent constipation and some cancers. At least one fruit is required with each major meal in the healthy diet. It can be apple, or any other fruit for that matter.

A word of caution here. There are some fruits which are high in calories. The prime example of one such high calorie fruit is banana. A medium sized banana gives approximately 150 Calories, which is very high for its size (Compare with the apple, which provides 50 calories per piece). Such fruits should be eaten in moderation if body weight is to be regulated. Banana, therefore, is an avoidable fruit for the obese and the diabetics, but body-builders benefit from it not only due to its high calorie content, but also because its rich potassium content.

Furthermore, fruits differ in the nutrient content among themselves. Therefore, it is preferable to change the fruits with seasons, thereby avoiding monotony in taste, as well as harness their full range of nutrient contents.

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This page last updated on:
June 5, 2004