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How many calories do I need in a day?

Children need much more calories for their size, because they're growing rapidly. But adults must maintain a delicate balance of energy intake to remain in shape. This means, the total number of calories taken should equal the total number of calories spent. Adults taking more calories than they spend gain weight. And adults taking less calories than they spend lose weight.

The following tables clarify how much calories does an individual need:

Infants | Children | Adolescents| Adults

Infant calorie requirements
(Age) (Calories Reqd.)
0-6 months 118 Calories/kg/day
7-12 months 108 Calories/kg/day

Children calorie requirements
(Age) (Weight) (Calories Reqd.)
1-3 years 12.03 kg 1240 Calories/day
4-6 years 18.87 kg 1690 Calories/day
7-9 years 26.37 kg 1950 Calories/day

Adolescent calorie requirements
(Age) (Weight) (Calories Reqd.)
10-12 years (Males) 35.4 kg 2190 Calories/day
          (Females) 31.5 kg 1970 Calories/day
13-15 years (Males) 47.8 kg 2450 Calories/day
          (Females) 46.7 kg 2060 Calories/day
16-18 years (Males) 57.1 kg 2640 Calories/day
          (Females) 49.9 kg 2060 Calories/day

Adult calorie requirements
(Gender and work) (Weight) (Calories Reqd.)
Ref. Males   (Light work) 60 kg 2425 Calories/day
          (Moderate work) 60 kg 2875 Calories/day
             (Heavy work) 60 kg 3800 Calories/day
Ref. Females (Light work) 50 kg 1875 Calories/day
          (Moderate work) 50 kg 2225 Calories/day
             (Heavy work) 50 kg 2925 Calories/day
Pregnancy (through pregnancy)   +300 extra Calories/day
Lactation (first 6 months)   +550 extra Calories/day
(6-12 months)   +400 extra Calories/day

Light work - Mostly sedentary work, with minimal muscular activity (e.g. housewives, office secretaries etc.)

Moderate work - Average physical activity most of the day (e.g. students, postman)

Heavy work - Work requiring great muscle force (e.g. athletes, body builders, manual laborers)

Infants | Children | Adolescents | Adults


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June 5, 2004