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What are the exercises I should do to reduce my weight?

Fat is basically stored calories. To reduce weight (to reduce fat, to be precise), one needs to expend those excess of stored calories.

The exercises that burn calories are typically high activity exercises like jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics, playing football, running and almost any vigorous physical activity. The aerobic programs at fitness clubs are a typical example of high activity, calorie burning exercise.

Furthermore, heavier people tend to expend more calories with similar level of exercise than do lighter people. This means that heavier persons have a higher yield of exercise in terms of fat-loss!

The more calories you burn per day, the earlier you would achieve the desired fat-loss. The exercise has to be done regularly for at least a month before the results may show up in the mirror or on the weighing scale. Persistence is a must.

The following table gives an estimate of calories consumed by different exercises:

Average energy Calories expended per hour by adults
Activity 54kg
(120 lb )
(40 lb)
(160 lb)
(180 lb)
(200 lb)
(220 lb)
50 58 69 78 86 99
Very Light
73 83 103 115 127 150
(Walking on level, Shopping, light housekeeping
143 166 200 225 250 290
(Cycling, dancing, skiing, tennis)
226 262 307 345 382 430
(Walking uphill, shoveling, swimming, playing basketball or football)
440 512 598 670 746 840


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This page last updated on:
May 25th 2004