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What are invisible fats?

The diet contains two types of fats: One those are obviously visible (like butter, margarine etc.). The other is the invisible fat. It is already present in the diet.

The fats and oils, which include salad and cooking oils, butter, margarine and cream, are visible fats because they are easily seen and identified. Invisible fats are those which can not be separated from the foods. Visible fats can become invisible once they are integrated into a food. For example, butter on bread is a visible fat, but when used to make the bread, fat becomes invisible.

The difference between visible and invisible fat can also be described by looking at meat as an example. After trimming the outer layer of fat from the meat (the visible fat), 20 to 40 percent of its calories still comes from fat distributed in the lean portion (the invisible fat). Other invisible fats are found in baked goods, nuts, peanut butter, processed meats and deep-fried foods such as potato chips

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This page last updated on:
September 14, 2004