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What are biologically complete proteins?

Proteins are made up of many small units called Amino Acids. Each molecule of protein may contain millions of such Amino Acids. There are about twenty amino acids required by the human body. Of these, twelve can be synthesised in the human body itself. These are called Non-essential amino acids. The rest of the amino acids have to be supplied in the diet. These are called Essential amino acids.

Proteins which lack one or more of the essential amino acids are called biologically incomplete proteins. Proteins containing all the essential amino acids in them are called biologically complete proteins.

An individual eating a diet consisting of biologically incomplete proteins will eventually develop deficiency of the essential amino acids, thereby leading to various ailments. The resulting disease can be corrected by giving a biologically complete protein, the egg protein, for example.

Mixed diets with varied food components provide the best amino acid combination in their protein constitution.

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This page last updated on:
June 17, 2004