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What happens if my diet is deficient in one of the vitamins?

Vitamins and (minerals too) don't yield any energy to the human body. They serve important physiological purposes. A brief description is presented here:

Synopsis of Vitamin deficiencies
Vitamin Deficiency (diseased organ in brackets)
Vitamin A Night blindness (eyes)
Vitamin B1 Beri Beri (heart and nervous system)
Vitamin B2 Oral ulcers (mouth)
Vitamin B4 Pellagra (body metabolism)
Vitamin C Scurvy (connective tissue)
Vitamin D Rickets, Osteomalacia (bones and teeth)
Vitamin E Sterility (deficiency rare)
Vitamin K Prolonged bleeding (blood-clotting)

For a detailed discussion about vitamins, click here.

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This page last updated on:
October 15, 2003