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I am overweight I am too busy to exercise. What do I do?

However busy one may be, there's always time to make little contributions to health, here and there.

These are the methods one can resort to:

Park your vehicle at the farthest parking lot. This way, you will have to walk a little longer for your vehicle in the morning as well as in the evening, whether you want it or not.
If you travel by bus, get off one stop earlier, and walk to your workplace. This will not only help you keep in shape, you shall also explore new areas in your locality which you previously saw through the bus window. It helps to know about the area in which you work and live.
Make morning (or evening) walk part of your daily routine. You can bind a daily activity with it (e.g. taking your dog to walk, going to the magazine store to buy the newspaper yourself etc.)
Use stairs instead of lift whenever possible. It's not only fun, it's good for your heart, your leg muscles and veins, your lungs, and also helps in expending those extra calories. Getting up the stairs is tougher (and burns more calories) than getting down the stairs.
For short distances, walk instead of drive. Walking is fun! You meet new people while you're walking in the street. For medium distances, using a bicycle can be fun for everyone!
Spare a few moments playing with your kids. Spending time with your family will help in strengthening the bonds that tie you from them. They are the people you work for all day! Nothing can better it when you spend some time with them, playing and enjoying! Not only it will help in winning their trust and love, it will also boost everybody's health.
Do your household chores yourself. If you have a servant, consider doing your chores yourself. That'll spend some extra calories, and give you the pleasure of doing-it-yourself! Afterall, when your neighbor praises your lovely garden, you can only swell with pride to say "I did it myself!"
Be active at weekends. An unplanned weekend can wreak havoc with your slimming plans! Instead of idling away watching TV at weekends, consider joining a health club, tennis academy, football game etc.

These little activities will add up to a bigger health bonus, daily!

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This page last updated on:
October 15, 2003