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Are slimming tablets safe?

Not necessarily.

Slimming tablets may help one lose weight quickly, but in all cases, the weight lost returns quickly, sometimes even exceeding the baseline weight! Dietary and lifestyle modifications provide a more lasting solution. There are no shortcuts to good health.

Worse, slimming tablets have side effects.

The documented adverse effects of slimming tablets include:

  • Mood swings (Depression or Mania, or both alternating)
  • Progressive dementia
  • Deformities in the unborn child in pregnant women
  • Heart valve deformities
  • Death
Some of the slimming tablets are actually serious medicines intended for other therapeutic purposes like psychiatric disorders, and their side effect is weight loss. It is disheartening to see that these medicines, primarily intended for use for medical diseases, are being packaged and marketed as slimming tablets, just because they produce weight loss as a side effect!

Even the slimming pills claimed to be herbal (or natural, or any of its synonyms) in origin do have adverse effects on the body.

Thus, tablets (or capsules/ powder/ solutions etc.) which promise a quick weight loss are best avoided.

The best way to lose weight without side effects is the natural way.

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This page last updated on:
October 15, 2003