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How do I resist the temptation of food?

Crippled by a mysterious and seemingly unstoppable desire for food, there are some unfortunate souls searching for help! Here's much needed help for them. Basically these are many behavioral and environmental changes that ought to (and must) be made.

Raise your willpower - Before you start resisting the temptation of food, make up your mind strongly. Say to yourself - you have to resist food for some time if you are to reap the benefits of good health. Millions of people are doing it worldwide. You can do it!
Reduce availability - Don't buy candies, cookies etc. at all! Buy only what is required. Since you don't have it, you can't eat it! Controlling yourself at the shop itself will save you a lot of trouble when you're back home.
Let someone else shop food for you - If your determination is so fragile that you automatically give in to the lovely eatables on display at the supermarket, don't go to shopping yourself. Ask someone else to go shopping food for you, and ask him/her specifically not to buy anything you ought to avoid.
Work in a group - People who have the same problem as you do can be found almost everywhere. Approach them. Talk to them. Find out how they are coping with it. Learn from them. Get motivated.
Don't fall to the marketing strategies - You're in the store, and you suddenly notice a confectionery pack with label "50% off!". The automatic reaction is to buy it. But remember, buying that tasty and cheap food will benefit the seller and the manufacturer, but you'll end up gaining an extra pound at the end of the month. Don't give in to the price plummet.
Keep yourself busy - Every time you start thinking about food, resort to your favorite pastime (other than food), like gardening, net - surfing, talking to a friend on phone, or whatever you can imagine. Do the same thing every time you think of food. After a week or so, the hunger for food will get replaced by the hunger to garden, to surf the net, or to talk a friend on phone. These are generally easier to handle, and less harmful than eating.
Don't let it show itself - Keep every eatable in an opaque jar. The lack of visual stimulus won't trigger the sweet tooth.
Make yourself work for food. Keep the eatables at height. Keeping the cookies out of sight will not only help you in avoiding the stimulus, but also make you work harder to obtain it. This will make you spend some extra calories (climbing the kitchen slab), as well as diminish the chances of taking cookie the next time because of the effort involved.
Involve somebody with you - Make a pact with someone. The pact is - every time he (or she, for that matter) sees you eating something (except breakfast, lunch, and dinner), you have to offer that person some cash (one dollar bill?) right away. This will help you in suppressing the urge to eat, and make the other person work for an incentive. Involve a friend, your kid, or whomever you want to. This method works wonders!
Lock'em up! - Lock your candy box up, and hand the keys over to someone you trust. Then tell him or her to give you the eats only when he or she thinks is appropriate. Locking the refrigerator in the same way can also help you. It's difficult to resist for the first week. After that, the desire for food becomes much easier to handle.
The low-calorie munchies - Keep some low-calorie food handy, just in case your desires overpower you. Low calorie fruit includes salads (without added oil etc.), and fruits (eaten raw). There are some well-motivated people who use water to silence their appetite!
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This page last updated on:
October 15, 2003